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        Welcome to Shanghai Polyton New Material Technology Co., Ltd.!
        +00 86 139-1884-3937
        about us

        Shanghai Polyton New Material Technology Co.,Ltd(referred to as Polyton) is a diversified technology and manufacturing company providing professional products and solutions in the field of Rubber-to-Substrate Adhesives. 

        For more than 9 years, we have had abundant experience and strong R&D ability to solve problems in Rubber-to-Substrate Adhesive industry, which brings our customers considerable benefits.

        With quality requirement continuing to rise, we work collaboratively and closely with our customers to improve our technologies and service. In order to reconcile people’s desire to use highly reliable products with environmental sustainability and limited cost, Polyton always aims to develop innovative products and solutions that employ our R&D ability to solve these challenges. With over 10 patents, Polyton will always be self-motivated to develop more valuable products and service.

        Application industry

        Shanghai Polyton New Material Technology Co.,Ltd
        Add:Building 10, No.135 Guowei Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai.


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